L’Adoració del Sagrament

Author – Remigio Soler
Place – Communion Chapel of the parish church of Sant Antoni Abad, Alginet (Valencia)
Technique – Mural
Measures – Unknown
Year – 1946

2. His work.

Along his life he was a man and an artist hard-natured; he always operate from his deaply emotions, humanity and purity. Versatile Artist, experienced and expert in iconographic and formal codes and of all the methods and technical procedures. He was too a «perfect artist», what we can see in the great quality and spreadins of his works.

He was a big observant of nature, he loved too astronomy, botany and mycology. He enjoyed his walks by fertile irrigated areas and dried lands, by mountains and mountainous areas like Mariola, Agullent Sierra, Benicadell, Calderona or even the Penyagolosa, rivers and lakes. He emptied up his works with the light and colour of the Mediterranean sea.

Les Eres de Agres, Alicante

Les Eres de Agres, Alicante

Author – Remigio Soler
Place: Private collection, Agres (Alicante)
Technique: Oil on canvas
Measures: 140 x 70 cm.
Year: 1970

Genres and techniques. Drawings and sketches.

He used very different techniques: drawings with charcoal, graphite, sanguina, coloured pencils, colours; painting in fresco, oil, tempera, acrylic, watercolor, gouache, pastel, wax, mixed techniques; sculpture in clay, wood and polychromy; decorative techniques in gold and silver…

His great religious work

Profane work

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