The “Associació Cultural Pintor Remigio Soler Tomás” thanks the ecclesiastical dioceses of Valencia, Orihuela-Alicante and Segorbe-Castellón, to the different religious orders and congregations and to the private collectors, the facilities given in taking images of Remigio Soler’s work, as well as the corresponding authorizations to be able to publish the aforementioned images on this website. Also for the Other important data provided to complete the information on the Figure and the Work of Remigio


The “Associació Cultural Pintor Remigio Soler Tomás” apologizes to the owners of the parishes, convents, churches, chapels and hermitages, as well as the private collectors who have facilitated the taking of images of the work of Remigio Soler and that, for reasons of space and other reasons, the images have not could be displayed on this website.

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