Met and related, personally and artistically, with plastic artists of the previous generation and their own: the painters Antonio Fillol Granell, Salvador Abril Blasco, José Benlliure Gil, Isidoro Garnelo Fillol, Gonzalo Salvà Simbor, Vicent Pastor Savall, Alfredo Claros García, José Manaut Viglieti, Ricardo White, José Martínez Mulet, Rafael Cardells Camarlench, José Bellver Delmás, Óscar Marziali Mancinelli, Rafael Fuster Insa; the sculptors Rafael Rubio Rosell, José Mª Ponsoda Bravo, Carmelo Vicent Suria, Luis Bolinches Compañ, Virgilio Sanchis Sanchis, Federico Siurana; the altarpieces makers Tomás Calvo or José Vila Raga; and with the architect Francisco Javier Goerlich Lleó. He met to the painter and illustrator from Albaida José Segrelles Albert, with whom he had a close artistic relationship and a good friendship all his life.

But the artist with whom he had a closest relationship was the sculptor Pascual Sempere: personally, academically and professionally. They shared the training in the Saint Charles Academy and they worked together in religious sculpture and imagery orders: Sempere in the charge of sculpture, models and cutering; Remigio Soler in ornamentation, goldening, spolinate and painting. In fact they shared studio in Portal de Valldigna street in València, where he lived later.

031 Policromia_Onil

Àngels de la Capella del Nostre Senyor Robat

Author – Decoration and polychromy by Remigio Soler on sculpture by Pascual Sempere
Place – Altar of the Chapel of Our Stolen Lord of the Parish of St. James the Apostle of Onil, Alicante
Technique – Decoration, gold and polychrome on plaster
Measures – Unknown
Year – 1940s-50s


Author – Remigio Soler
Place: Particular collection València
Technique: Oil on wood
Measures – 22 x 31 cm.
Year –1968

Remigio Soler enjoyed and actively participated in all kind of artistic manifestations. He went periodically to exhibitions and attended social gatherings related with the plastic world. He attended too some events in the literature, music and scenic arts world like concerts, recitals, theatre, ballet, cinema…

He traveled to Italy, Cantàbria, Astúries, Galícia, Madrid, Toledo, Segòvia, Serrania de Conca, Mallorca and all around the Valencian Comunity. The art was the driving force for his travels. From them we have oral testimonies narrated by himself, a lot of pictures and hundreds of notes and sketches.


As a member of the Valencian Artistic Youth he showed his work in some exhibitions of a collective nature like the one organizated in 1918 in the Valencian University. In 1934, in the Regional Fine Arts Exhibition, he won a bronze medal. He competed for a prize several times in the National Fine Arts Exhibition. He did by himself some exhibitions in the Mercantil Ateneum (1931), in the Fine Arts Cercle in the Press Valencian Association and in the Lo Rat Penat, in Valencia. Right to the 70´s he showed his art too in exhibition halls in Alacant, Alcoi, Ontinyent, Agullent… places where he left a big amount of his work that moves between the poetry and figuration, the colour, the ligth and the spirit.

From time to time, his big friend Pasqual Camps, first violin in the Spanish National Orquestra, entertained the opening shows in his exhibitions with a violin concert. They turned it in an extraordinary artistic event.


Rose of the Garden of the Parish of S. Marcel·lí, València

Author – Decoration and polychromy by Remigio Soler on sculpture by Pascual Sempere
Place: Private collection, Valencia
Technique: Watercolour and pen on paper
Measures – 28 x 34 cm.
Year – 1970

016 Melquisedec i Abraham_Alfafara.

Melquisedec rey de Salem sale al encuentro de Abraham (Génesis 15, 17-20)

Author – Remigio Soler
Place – Parish of the Transfiguration of the Lord of Alfafara (Alicante)
Technique – Mural
Measures – Unknown
Yeay – 1943



Posthumous plaque of the Board of the V Centenary of the Agres festivities, August 1984

20220926_125351_HDR (2) B

Bronze medal Regional Exhibition of Fine Arts of Valencia 1934

1 Agres 15-9-1947 Pergamí Fill predilecte-Pergamino Hijo predilecto

Parchment of the City Council of Agres declaring Favorite Son 15-9-1947

1.-Plaça Pintor Remigio Soler, Agres-Alacant 7-9-2009

Family and friends of Remigio's work in the Plaza Pintor Remigio Soler, Agres-Alicante 7-9-2009

3 Relleu de talla de fusta Agres 75 Aniversari que va esculpir i donar la imagen

Wood carving relief of the Filà dels Pastors de la Mare de Déu d’Agres delivered to the Remigio Soler Association on the occasion of the 75th Anniversary that Remigio Soler carved and donated the image of the Virgin of Agres 1-9-2015.

2.-Plaça Pintor Remigio Soler, Agullent-València

Ceramics of the Plaza Pintor Remigio Soler, Agullent-València


Painter Remigio Soler Tomás Street, Sociopolis neighborhood (Valencia)

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